Foldable Motorola Mobile Will Offer Middling Performance

The revival of the Motorola Razr brand got a lot of people talking earlier this year, but now news about the expected specifications of the device have surfaced, and aside from its foldable screen, it could offer a fairly modest selection of components.

A report from XDA Developers suggests that it will be equipped with the Snapdragon 710 chipset and around 4GB of RAM, putting it well below the high watermark set by flagship rivals like the latest Samsung Galaxy S series.

The battery is also being flagged as decidedly unimpressive with a 2730mAh capacity, which may or may not be adequate for everyday use.

Of course, the key selling point of the new Razr, apart from its nostalgic ties to flip phones of the past, will be its foldable screen that puts it in line with upcoming offerings from Huawei and other manufacturers. Insiders are even suggesting that it could come in at a more affordable price point and thus undercut the competition, bringing malleable displays to the masses a lot sooner than expected.

Motorola has yet to finalise the details of the Razr’s specifications, and some rumours suggest it will cost over £1000, which could be an issue if its hardware is not that groundbreaking.

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