Foldable phone from Samsung announced

Samsung Foldable Phone

After years of work and speculation, Samsung finally confirmed that it is going to release a truly foldable smartphone with a truly expensive retail price attached.

Pocket Lint reports that the Galaxy F will cost the best part of £1,400 when it is introduced next year, making it even more unattainable than the iPhone X range.

This is partly justified by the fact that it is effectively two devices in one; a 7.4 inch tablet which can be folded in half to create a 4.6 inch mobile device.

Flexibility of this kind has never been seen before, but many industry observers are already predicting that Samsung’s boundary-pushing phone will not be all that popular amongst mainstream buyers. Instead it will appeal to a small group of tech heads and early adopters, with its clever design eventually going on to inspire the flagships of the future.

Of course if the Galaxy F does manage to bring other unique features to the table then there might be a lot more interest in it. A lack of 5G connectivity is being criticised by some, yet there is still time for Samsung to pull even more amazing capabilities out of the bag.

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