Foldable Samsung handset nearing launch

Samsung Flexible PhoneSamsung could be on the brink of unveiling the world’s first ever smartphone which can be flexed and even folded back on itself, according to Tech Radar.

The device, which is known by the name of the Galaxy X, is only set to emerge as a prototype later this year, but could point towards a future in which all smartphones are equally malleable.

Samsung is already the master of the curved mobile display, with the Galaxy Edge range embracing this technology and this year’s Galaxy S8 flagship rumoured to sport a similar feature on all models. But true flexibility can only be achieved if every other component is also capable of transcending rigidity.

Foldable smartphones should be much more hard-wearing than current models, at least in theory. Screen size should also no longer be a limiting factor, opening up new possibilities in terms of device design and practicality.

The unveiling of the Galaxy X is pegged to take place in September or October, although since these are industry rumours rather than Samsung’s official plans, there is a chance that this might change. The South Korean firm has reportedly been showing off the tech behind this mobile to insiders already, so a 2017 launch seems likely.