Fresh BlackBerry devices set for CES 2017 launch

BlackBerry MercuryAlthough BlackBerry may no longer be building its own smartphones, its licensing deal with Chinese firm, TCL, is set to bear fruit next year as new handsets are planned to debut during the Consumer Electronics Show in January, according to Tech Radar.

While info on the devices themselves remains patchy, it is expected that they will be powered by the Android operating system, with BlackBerry seeking to detach itself from its own-brand BB OS platform and ride on the coattails of Google’s far more successful package.

TCL’s press release regarding the launch also makes it clear that it is seeking to revive BlackBerry as a brand, focusing on the European and North American markets, where it was once one of the leading smartphone makers.

Recent BlackBerry releases, including the DTEK50 and DTEK60, have very much placed the emphasis on offering world-beating smartphone security, albeit at the expense of shedding yet more consumer appeal. TCL will be hoping to claw this back and potentially build handsets that are able to offer something for everyone, rather than solely being designed to meet the needs of business users, government workers and those in the armed forces.