Fresh Samsung phone rumours surface

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Samsung Mobile Phones2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Samsung, with a report from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that it will be launching a flush of new flagship mobiles in order to celebrate a decade of the Galaxy range.

One of the most intriguing new arrivals that is pegged for release in the spring is tentative titled ‘Beyond X’. And according to rumours circulating this week, it will be a technically impressive product that attempts to outdo rivals like the iPhone X.

The Beyond X will allegedly feature a 6.7 inch screen that spans the entire front surface of the phone, with no notches or home buttons to get in the way. On the rear surface a total of four camera lenses can be found, while a front-facing pair of lenses will bring that number to six.

Given that Samsung is also expected to introduce its foldable phone next year, which is a distinct entity from this model, there should be a lot of different options available to fans. Pack in the fact that the Beyond X could be the first 5G-compatible handset on the market and it is clear that Samsung is intending to take no prisoners.

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