Fully Fledged Game Controller for iPhone Launched

Image via afterpad.comAlthough Android users have been able to tinker with dedicated gaming pads from the Moga range for more than 12 months, the arrival of iOS 8 has finally allowed third parties to make controllers for the hardcore crowd that prefers Apple handsets.

The Moga Rebel has now launched for iPhone with a design that is essentially identical to that of the Xbox 360 or Xbox One game pad. It features dual analogue sticks, a d-pad, a host of face buttons and shoulder triggers to complete the setup.

It connects wirelessly to iOS devices, although it also comes with a clamp that lets you attach it to them physically for a secure way to play whilst on the move.

Built-in batteries can be recharged via a USB cable. As long as you have an iOS 8 device from the iPhone 5 onwards, it is fully compatible.

There are plenty of iPhone and iPad games that benefit from advanced controllers such as this, including titles which originally appeared on consoles, such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. And while it may not hold enough appeal to get Angry Birds fans opening their wallets, there will surely be a big contingent of gamers interested in what it has to offer.

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