Further Delays to Launch of Foldable Samsung Smartphone Confirmed

Samsung Foldable Phone

Samsung is having a tough time realising its dream of being the first mobile maker to launch a smartphone which is truly foldable. After the introduction of the Galaxy Fold was pushed back due to technical problems with the device’s unique screen, the South Korean company has revealed yet another delay is on the cards.

Preview builds of the Galaxy Fold got a drubbing at the hands of reviewers, and Samsung was forced to take a little more time to address the issues that were identified. While it had hoped to get the device on to the wider market by June, it now seems that its initial appearance will not take place until July at the earliest.

Part of the reason behind this second delay is the leeway that Samsung has received as a result of rival firm Huawei falling foul of regulators in the US. The flexible Mate X device is facing hold-ups of its own, meaning that the Galaxy Fold can be worked on for a little longer without the fear of not being the first flexible flagship smartphone.

Even with a price tag that pushed close to £2000, there is expected to be huge demand for the Galaxy Fold and its flexible rivals.

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