Further iPhone 5 specs unearthed in China

iPhone 5Reports from a Chinese media outlet are suggesting that the iPhone 5, which has been the source of serious speculation in recent weeks, will feature a larger, four inch display and could still have Near Field Communications (NFC) onboard, despite rumours to the contrary.

China Times got hold of details not only about the larger display, which could be half an inch bigger than that of all previous models, but also about a reported metal shell for the iPhone 5, which will eliminate the antenna problems that have been the biggest obstacle for the current generation of the device.

One of the most interesting points made in the report is that the iPhone 5 may not be made available to consumers until the Autumn, which would go against the commonly held belief that Apple will continue to pick a mid-year launch for its flagship smartphone, as it has done for four consecutive years.

NFC for contactless payment had been suggested as coming to the iPhone 5, until a report in the Independent dismissed this claim, saying that Apple was waiting for a standardised format of this technology to be established before committing to it.

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