Galaxy Ace 3 details rumoured

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

Samsung is getting ready to unleash its latest mid-range Android smartphone on the world and some leaked information has given fans an early glimpse of what to expect.

The Galaxy Ace 3 is reported to be packing a dual core processor with a 1GHz clock speed, as well as 1GB of RAM and a display with a decent 800×480 resolution, according to GL Benchmarks.

This means that in most respects, it has been given a modest upgrade when compared with last year’s Galaxy Ace 2.

The Galaxy Ace 3 will also feature version 4.2.2 of Android Jelly Bean, as well as the TouchWiz user interface that can be found on most modern Samsung smartphones. Plenty of budget handsets are lumbered with older Android iterations but this is not the case here.

HD video capture is made possible thanks to the five megapixel camera on the rear and users will be able to harness the built-in NFC chip to make contactless payments and beam files to friends, quickly and easily.

As with many affordable smartphones, the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 are impressive enough to help it outpace flagship handsets that were released a couple of years ago.

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