Galaxy Note 2 launching August 29th

Samsung Galaxy Note
The original Samsung Galaxy note – click to see deals

Samsung is going to be unveiling its brand new Galaxy Note 2 handset on the 29th of August, at an event being held in Germany, according to a report from Reuters.

While the initial invites sent out to the press were heavily suggestive of a Galaxy Note 2 themed show, including a magic wand-esque stylus to tease fans, it was not until a Samsung spokesperson confirmed its arrival that all became clear.

Last year’s Galaxy Note was a surprise success, offering consumers tablet-style functionality but in a more compact format. It was essentially an oversized version of the Galaxy S2, featuring a 5.3 inch touchscreen display, rather than a 4.3 inch unit.

The inclusion of a stylus with the Galaxy Note meant that it was far more versatile than the average touchscreen smartphone, which is a trick that its sequel seems set to replicate.

The display of the Galaxy Note 2 is anticipated to be even larger than that of its predecessor, with rumours putting it at 5.5 inches across the diagonal.

This might be in response to the 4.8 inch screen now adorning the Galaxy S3, although if Samsung’s smartphones get any bigger, people will have to start buying trousers with larger pockets.

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