Galaxy Note 3 details leak after Samsung mix-up

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung has inadvertently confirmed that it is working on the Galaxy Note 3 handset, after details about the phone were posted to its official Kazakhstani website.

Although no hard information about the capabilities of the phone were revealed, it is good to finally get news of its existence.

When it comes to hardware, the Galaxy Note 3 could be one of the most powerful smartphones on the market, with reports suggesting that it will have a processor with a 2.3GHz clock speed.

A 13 megapixel camera is also likely to be a major feature, since this has already appeared on the Galaxy S4.

Perhaps the most interesting and as yet unknown asset of the Galaxy Note 3 will be its display. The Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5 inch screen with a 720p resolution, but insiders expect this new phone to have a 6.0 inch panel, with a full HD 1080p pixel count.

The launch of the Galaxy Note 3 is not pencilled in until September, so there are a few months separating us from its official arrival. Although with Samsung’s record for leaks, more might become clear sooner than you think.

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