Galaxy Note 7 features added to Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7Samsung may have pulled the plug on the Galaxy Note 7 after battery issues persisted in causing fires and explosions, but this ill-fated phablet is set to live on within the slightly older Galaxy S7.

This is thanks to a new software update rolled out to both the standard S7 and the S7 Edge, which brings with it some of the capabilities offered by the Note 7, including improved personalisation features and the ability to leave a portion of the display active at all times.

Unfortunately, one thing which has not made it across from the Note 7 is support for the S-Pen stylus, so anyone hoping to be able to use this peripheral with their S7 will be disappointed.

The dramatic rise and fall of the Note 7 will go down in history as one of Samsung’s biggest blunders, although it will be hoping to brush all this under the carpet as quickly as possible. There have already been rumours about next year’s Galaxy S8 range, which is expected to touch down in February, as well as general consensus from the media that in spite of its technical faults, the Note 7 was an otherwise triumphant device.