Galaxy Note 7 launched by Samsung

Samsung Note 7After months of speculation the Galaxy Note 7 has finally been unveiled this week at a global launch event orchestrated by Samsung to maximise its media impact.

The Note 7 is not an especially revolutionary device in most respects; it has a 5.7 inch screen, a metal exterior and a waterproof build which puts it on par with plenty of Samsung’s other smartphones. But everything it does, it does with a high level of polish, ensuring that it earns its high end price tag.

The S Pen stylus, which is housed in the bottom of the device for ease of access, has been enhanced to offer improved accuracy and will appeal to business users and creative types alike.

The 3500mAh battery is bigger than the cell found onboard last year’s Note iteration, meaning it should provide a bit more time between charges than its predecessors.

Samsung has also launched two camera attachments to make the most out of its impressive primary snapper, while also adding an iris scanner to the front for some ocular unlocking action.

British mobile buyers will be able to pick up the Galaxy Note 7 from the 2nd of September. And while prices have yet to be confirmed, it is likely to cost north of £700.