Galaxy Note 7 users reluctant to return faulty handsets

Samsung Note 7While Samsung has issued a global recall of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet, 33 per cent of people who picked up this device in Europe following its launch have yet to hand in their hazardous mobile, according to Tech Radar.

Owners have the option of getting a full refund or a replacement high end device, but hundreds of thousands of people seem unwilling to part with the handset at this point.

To encourage more customers to actively participate in the recall, Samsung has confirmed that it will be pushing out an over the air update for the Note 7’s software which will prevent the battery from being charged beyond 60 per cent of its capacity.

This is not just an incentive but also a safety measure, which should help to lessen the likelihood of the handsets combusting unexpectedly.

This update has already been rolled out in some regions of the world, with bedroom tinkerers already finding a workaround, albeit one which increases the risks of the Note 7 exploding.

The recall will not be operating indefinitely, so any owner who has yet to get involved is advised to do so sooner rather than later.

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