Galaxy Note 8 could feature new fingerprint scanning tech

Galaxy Note 8While most smartphones with fingerprint scanners integrate this component with the home button, or place it on the rear surface, Samsung could be taking an entirely different approach with the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Leaked images provided by an unnamed industry insider and published by Poyoco Tech suggest that the display of the Note 8 may house the fingerprint scanner discretely within it, which will give the phone a cleaner, less cluttered design than its predecessors.

Furthermore, it has been suggested that the Note 8 will have an all-new S Pen stylus that is capable of vibrating to provide a bit more physical feedback during use, emulating the feel of a real pen in the process.

Other features hinted at in the leak include high end audio capabilities from AKG, which is a company that Samsung owns indirectly and so can easily call upon to provide its support for the Note 8.

Dual camera lenses on the rear surface suggest that a photographic upgrade is going to be part and parcel of this new phablet. And Samsung’s attempts to wipe away the bad memory of last year’s battery-blighted Note 7 certainly seem impressive on paper.