Galaxy Note 8 to offer HDR streaming via Netflix

Galaxy Note 8Fans of video streaming service, Netflix, will be pleased to hear that it will be updating its app to take advantage of the HDR-ready displays that are increasingly available on high end smartphones.

TechRadar reports that the as yet unreleased Galaxy Note 8 from Samsung will be one of the main mobiles to benefit from this improvement, along with existing models like the LG V30 and Sony’s Xperia XZ1.

High dynamic range is being touted as the most important breakthrough in display technology since high definition entered the fray more than ten years ago, with TV and smartphone manufacturers hoping that it will convince more people to upgrade after 3D capabilities proved to be a damp squib.

The Galaxy Note 8 costs a hefty £869 in its SIM-free form, meaning that having access to HDR apps will help to justify its price point.

Samsung suffered a series of setbacks in 2016 after the Note 7 needed to be recalled, so the real test of its successor will come when it arrives with users and has its reliability put through the wringer.

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