Galaxy S10 rumours appear well ahead of schedule

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has only been available for a short time, but its follow-up is already being discussed by industry sources, according to ETNews.

The most interesting snippet of information to surface this week is that the S10 brand will apparently come in three major variants when it lands in 2019.

The most basic of the bunch will come with a 5.8 inch screen and a standard, single lens camera configuration on the rear.

The mid-tier model will retain the same screen size, but will up the ante with dual cameras. The largest of the set will up the screen to a 6.2 inch unit and come with three cameras rather than just two.

More high end handsets, including those from Huawei, are adopting a trio of lenses in a cluster to help improve picture quality and enhance VR performance. It makes sense that Samsung will take a similar approach with the S10, which should be a market-leading model on paper.

In terms of whether or not this new flagship will be foldable, as has been rumoured for years, it looks as though the technology is not quite in place to make this achievable, but Samsung is still pursuing this intriguing design intent.