Galaxy S3 hardware revisions rumoured

Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3

Although Samsung’s imminent launch of the Galaxy S4 may have been pulling focus over the last few days, industry insider, Eldar Murtazin, has been revealing information about an apparent reboot of last year’s Galaxy S3.

It is not uncommon for a mobile manufacturer to revise an old but popular handset, to make it more competitive and the Galaxy S3 is certainly worth improving, given its iconic status and stellar sales.

Murtazin claims that the updated S3 will come with a larger battery, as well as the ability to be charged wirelessly, which is a nice touch for those who value convenience.

Most observers expect the Galaxy S4 to have similar wireless charging onboard, although similar rumours were circulating last year prior to the original launch of the Galaxy S3, so nothing is set in stone.

It was also suggested that the S3 might get a full HD 1080p display in its revised form, increasing the resolution from the current 720p.

However, if both of these updates are implemented, then it would slightly take the wind out of the S4’s sails, while proving that last year’s flagship device still has plenty of life left in it.

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