Galaxy S3 Mini escapes Apple's patent wrath

samsung galaxy s3 mini
Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Apple and Samsung have been at each other’s throats for years over various patent licensing issues surrounding their portable devices.

While court battles are ongoing and there have been relatively minor casualties on both sides, it seems that Samsung’s Galaxy S3 Mini will at least escape the conflict, according to Apple Insider.

Initially, the Galaxy S3 Mini had been amongst a list of phones which Apple identified as having infringed on one of its patents, although it has reportedly been removed from contention because Samsung does not actually sell it in the US.

The next major court date for Apple and Samsung is not until 2014, so until then, both companies will be bickering and bartering without really having the authority to put their complaints into action.

Models including the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 remain on the list, while Apple is not opposed to the idea that the Galaxy S3 Mini might make a return to the debate, if Samsung dares to ship it to America.

There is clearly a lot at stake in these battles and each company is fighting for a large chunk of the market, but past results suggest that neither is likely to be completely satisfied.

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