Galaxy S5 could get Samsung's new 560ppi display

Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S5

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is looming on the horizon and is likely to be one of 2014’s most popular smartphones thanks to the legacy of its predecessors.

Now, new information about the screen that the phone could purportedly sport has emerged, with TechRadar citing industry sources who suggest that it might come with an AMOLED panel that has a pixel density of 560ppi.

This is higher than the 441ppi of the Galaxy S4 and implies a resolution of 2560×1440, which is impressive, at least on paper.

But the problem is that paper is the only place that the pixel density really makes any difference, because the human eye has trouble distinguishing the difference when you get higher than roughly 300ppi, which is why the iPhone’s Retina Display was given its name when it first offered 326ppi back in 2010.

The resolution arms race in the smartphone market might actually be damaging, because more pixels mean more pressure put on processors, with virtually no distinguishable difference to the experience.

The 1080p panel of the Galaxy S4 is already more than crisp enough for average users, so if the Galaxy S5 pushes things even higher, it will only be another meaningless bragging right.

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