Galaxy S8 Active leaks online

Samsung is set to launch an Active iteration of the Galaxy S8, as revealed via an accidental leak from its official website.

Earlier Galaxy handsets have received Active updates, making them much more rugged and tough than their standard counterparts.

Waterproofing is already a fairly common feature amongst high end handsets, but the Galaxy S8 Active should take this a step further with a heftier, sturdier exterior which will be able to withstand plenty of punishment in gruelling outdoor environments.

From adventurous smartphone lovers to people who work in challenging conditions, the new Active edition of the S8 will appeal to a sizeable niche in the marketplace. It should also pack similar specifications to its existing sibling, meaning it may feature a 5.8 inch screen, an octa core processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of onboard storage.

Hopefully, the S8 Active will be launched in the UK, as last year’s S7 Active was limited to the North American marketplace, leaving European customers in the lurch. There is certainly demand for rugged smartphones and, as Samsung looks to rebuild its reputation as a manufacturer of reliable devices, it makes sense to pursue a global launch for this model.