Galaxy S8 info offered up by Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S8
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In an apparent effort to gloss over the recent Note 7 debacle, Samsung has begun refocusing the media’s attention on its future releases rather than its past failures with spokesperson, Lee Jae-Yong, revealing the first details about the Galaxy S8.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he promised that the device will offer a stylish, slender design along with an overhauled camera system, which many observers believe will mean that the S8 is set to feature a dual lens setup.

Lee went on to assert that the user experience will be improved thanks to a new AI-driven digital assistant service, presumably powered by the technology from a start-up that Samsung recent acquired.

The company, titled Viv, was founded by a number of the same people who helped Apple to develop Siri. So it is sensible to expect that a service with similar capabilities will be debuting onboard the Galaxy S8.

It is rumoured that the S8 will be touching down as early as the 26th of February next year, hitting the market as soon as possible, in order to plug the giant gap in Samsung’s catalogue that was left by the Note 7’s departure.