Google announces new version of Android: Ice Cream Sandwich

Google Android Ice Cream Sandwich

During the Google I/O developer’s conference, one of the features presented was the new version of the Android operating system – the Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The new version of Android has several new features such as the ability for the user to control home appliances using Android@Home. Although this version does not come with its own version number as of the moment, but it has been confirmed that the version number will come after 3.1 which went with Android Honeycomb.

While the Android Honeycomb is not suitable for use on mobile phones, the Ice Cream Sandwich aims to take Honeycomb’s tablet focused functionality and combine it with the latest features and capabilities of the mobile phone version of the operating system.

During the said conference it was also announced that there is an agreement with the handset manufacturers that operating system updates should be allowed for all handsets at least within the 18 months after the launching of the system.

The Ice Cream Sandwich is also set to work its way into home appliances. This will feature the Android@Home service which allows the Android operating system to be embedded in gadgets at home such as music systems, house lights, and other appliances that are certified with the Android@Home badge.

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