Google confirms new approach to smartphone security

androidMost smartphones offer users the ability to protect their personal data by relying on a password-based lock screen. So by remembering a certain string of numbers, letters or even a specific gesture, people can access their devices themselves without leaving them open to others.

Now Google is looking to do away with passwords in the long term and, instead, make mobiles which are capable of working out whether the current user is the legitimate owner, according to TechRadar.

The implementation of a ‘Trust Score’ will enable the phone to check up on everything from the current location of the device to details like the user’s face and voice, comparing these against the usual features of the owner, to ensure that the phone has not fallen into the wrong hands.

If all seems well, then the phone will be unlockable without the need for a password. If it detects something fishy, it will ask for a password just to be on the safe side.

These biometric indicators will form part of a wider API that third party app developers will be able to harness to provide their own security benefits. This means the next generation of Android smartphones could be a lot safer and more convenient than their contemporaries.