Google launches Android O

Google Android OThe next version of the Android operating system has been unveiled this week, with Google’s previous food-oriented naming scheme ditched in favour of something a little simpler. Known as Android O, the platform is being rolled out to developers so that they can tinker with it ahead of the full release later this year.

A number of improvements are promised by this platform, including a feature designed to increase battery life by keeping tabs on what processes are running in the background and managing them more efficiently, according to Tech Radar.

Google’s engineers are also adding a picture-in-picture capability, meaning that users can keep video files playing when they are also using other apps and services simultaneously, boosting the multitasking capabilities.

Users will be given more control over notifications, enabling them to customise the experience and put some alerts on pause so that they can recur later when there is time to deal with them.

Support for improved Bluetooth connectivity hints at a time when headphone sockets are no longer a standard expected on smartphones, which is unfortunate news given that Apple has already ditched the 3.5mm socket and now Android phones look set to follow suit.