Google Launches Mid-Range Smartphone

Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a

The Pixel range has been a competitive family of flagships since Google launched the first version a few years ago, but now the Android creator is entering the more affordable end of the market with the recently announced Pixel 3a.

With both a standard and XL sized variant, the Pixel 3a will cost between £400 and £480 upon launch, with lower-spec hardware on board meaning each device will not quite be the processing powerhouse that might be expected from this range.

While the pared-back chipset and RAM might be seen as an issue by some, those working with tighter budgets will love the fact that the 3a will feature a full-sized 3.5mm headphone jack rather than forcing users to take advantage of a USB-C adapter or wireless ear buds.

The issue facing Google’s latest smartphone efforts is that rival offerings from Samsung and Apple are simply better established as brands, and the allure of the vanilla Android experience has not proved significant enough to pull customers away from larger rivals. This might change with the Pixel 3a if the lower price and comparative performance are pitched more appropriately for those with less cash to splash on a handset.

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