Google Maps app launch linked to iOS 6 adoption hike

iOS 6

There was a 29 per cent rise in the number of people who were downloading the iOS 6 update for their Apple devices last week, which analysts are linking to the fact that this is the same period during which Google Maps was finally allowed back onto the App Store.

Apple came under heavy criticism after the launch of iOS 6, because Google Maps was replaced with a proprietary mapping service, that many users found to be far less competent.

This meant that many people with older iPhones had chosen to hold off on the iOS 6 update, waiting until such a time as Google Maps returned.

Now that day has come and TechCrunch reports that there has been a real spike in the number of iOS 6 users circulating on the App Store.

So if you are a fan of the iPhone, but do not like the idea of relying on Apple’s own maps app, there is now the good old Google alternative available to download.

This might well have an impact on sales of the iPhone 5, since more people might want to upgrade now that they know what they are getting.

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