Google Pixel 2 set for 2017 release

Google Pixel smartphoneAlthough the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL are only a few months old, Google has already announced that it will be refreshing this flagship family of handsets in 2017, according to Android Pit.

Company spokesperson, Rick Osterloh, revealed that the Pixel 2 is set to retain the high end qualities of its predecessor, although he would not put a firm date on when it will arrive.

Some observers had expected Google to add more affordable models alongside the top tier Pixel devices this year, although this is looking less likely following Osterloh’s comments.

Rumours suggest the Pixel 2 will come with a waterproof design to make it more competitive with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and other durable Android flagships. It should also get a better camera and a faster processor, although such upgrades are par for the course.

Some see the original Pixel as having been a bit of a disappointment for Google; it aimed to capture the same segment of the market currently dominated by the iPhone but did not manage to secure the sales success that had been anticipated. The premium leanings of its follow up may further hamper its chances of making an impact on the mainstream.