Google preps affordable Android phones for autumn launch

Image via live.theverge.comGoogle is working on a new version of Android, but rather than opting to appease the top end of the marketplace with a platform designed for high end hardware, it is, instead, creating a solution that is suitable for very modest devices.

Android One is the OS in question and now the Economic Times is reporting that it will be showcased for the first time this October.

The idea is for Android One to run on smartphones that cost around £60 or less, enabling Google to better target emerging markets across the globe, as well as bargain-hunters here in the UK.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that there are already Android-based devices which are priced at around this level on sale at the moment. But the problem is that current versions of Android tend to run fairly sluggishly when the hardware running them is a little archaic.

Android One could address these issues, ideally enabling Google to face off against Microsoft’s Windows Phone, which is much more at home on cheap models, like the Nokia Lumia 520, without requiring that users make any compromises when it comes to performance or apps.

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