Google promises better security with Android Nougat

Android NougatA deliciously-named new version of Android is on the way and Google has confirmed that it is working to make its latest software more intuitive and secure than ever, according to Engadget.

This is thanks to the fact that Android Nougat will provide users with a number of boot options if it detects any kind of corruption during the start-up process. Either a ‘safe mode’ can be launched to allow for problems to be addressed, or the restart can be aborted altogether.

The idea behind this precaution is that malware and viruses can often compromise Android smartphones by exploiting the underlying OS and wreaking havoc with the code, after covertly installing themselves on devices and taking control when a reboot occurs.

Rather than leaving users completely exposed, the new boot options will put users back in the driving seat, although observers have also pointed out that this will likely make it tougher for owners to carry out any legitimate tinkering under the surface of Android.

Android Nougat will be rolling out in the next few weeks and is currently in the hands of developers so that apps and other services can be prepared for its arrival.