Google set to launch VR-oriented handset this year

Project TangoGoogle is working with chip manufacturer, Qualcomm, on a new smartphone to be part of the Project Tango initiative, offering the very best in portable augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities.

The device will harness the Snapdragon 810 chipset, partnered with the ADreno 430 graphics processor, to enable it to render interactive elements on the world around it in real time. This kind of AR technology is not new or unique, but the power of Project Tango should help to make it a richer experience than ever.

Meanwhile, the VR element may well allow the phone to sync up with separate headsets, to bring in depth and immersive visuals to people who want to enter an entirely digital world.

A trio of cameras mounted on the rear of the handset will make this a possibility, with one measuring depth, one measuring colour and a third being used to track motion.

Details, like the name of the device and the price point it will occupy, remain a mystery, as do Google’s intentions for its mainstream debut, but it should be available before the end of the year for early adopters to examine.