Google Submits Google+ iOs App for Approval


For all the iPhone users out there, we have great news for you! If you all remember, Google has launched Google+, a social network incorporating a range of features. It emphasizes the ability to interact differently with separate ‘Circles’ of friends.  It includes a sharing engine called Sparks, a many-user videoconferencing platform called Hangouts, a group messaging service called Huddle, and a cloud-based photo album service with instant mobile-upload capabilities.

Google+ came out with an Android app and a web interface. However, the Android app is only geared for small devices, which means, it will look stretched on tablets.

Very recently, Google has submitted the Google+ iPhone app to Apple’s app store and their proposal is pending for approval. Erica Joy, a support technician from Google, clarifies to us that the app is for all iOS devices, not just iPhones.

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