Google to partner with Huawei on new Nexus phablet

Huawei Honor 6
The Huawei Honor 6

Fans of Google’s Nexus range of smartphones and tablets will be pleased to hear that a new handset is on the way, with a manufacturing partner lined up and an autumn launch window on the cards.

Chinese firm, Huawei, who make the popular sim only Honor 6, is going to be working with Google on its next-gen Nexus phablet, with insider sources promising that it will feature a 5.7 inch QHD display and the Snapdragon 810 octa core chipset, according to TechRadar.

Admittedly, the Nexus 6 offered a slightly larger display than its supposed successor, but with a 1080p resolution rather than QHD, it will not be anywhere near as crisp and detailed in the imaging department.

Huawei has a good track record of making affordable smartphones with high powered innards, which means it is a good choice for the next Nexus, since Google is known for keeping the upfront cost of its handsets low.

The name of Google’s upcoming flagship is up in the air since it cannot adopt the Nexus 7 moniker; this has already been applied to a tablet. But whatever marketing approach is taken, the underlying hardware will very much allow it to compete with top tier rivals, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.