Google’s Ara modular smartphone to offer hot component swapping

Google Modular Phone
Project Ara

Project Ara is Google’s latest wheeze to crack open the smartphone market, this time using a modular design that lets users customise their components and upgrade on the fly. As its release draws closer, more details are emerging to flesh out the features that it will offer.

The latest information about Project Ara includes claims that it will not only allow for components to be chopped and changed as users see fit, but will even allow this to take place when the phone is still powered on.

Specifically, it will be possible to take off the camera module and replace it with a different one without turning off the handset itself. This could mean that photography fans can take a number of different lenses and sensors out with them and pick the one that is most appropriate for a given scenario.

Project Ara is going to be built around the Android operating system and it will feature several different handset sizes, to cover multiple parts of the market. Pricing and the full specification details remain a mystery, but you can expect to learn much more ahead of its commercial launch next spring.

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