Hardcore handsets launched by JCB

JCB Tradesman TP121JCB has just announced a range of four new mobile phones which aim to appeal to those who want rugged, rough and ready build quality and branding more usually associated with heavy machinery.

The launch event was led by entrepreneur and Dragons’ Den investor Peter Jones, who explained that while the expansion of the smartphone market had made a big impact on the wider mobile industry, there was still a niche for models which cater to those who work and play outdoors.

JCB first launched a phone two years ago with backing from Jones’ Data Select group and he said that a quarter of a million mobiles with durable specs could be sold in the near future.

Jones acknowledged that people who spend their time on building sites would be best suited to the new JCB phone range, which starts with a handset costing just £70. However, he believes that a much wider audience exists.

One of the most original specs of a new JCB phone is its ability to float in water, which is definitely a step forward from simple water resistance. Jones said that he would be giving the new range a thorough test run as the official release date approaches.

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