High end Acer handset crops up in online test results

Acer V360

Acer is not the best known name in the smartphone market, but it has been pumping out competently designed devices for several years, so any new model is worth checking out.

Testing site, GLBenchmark, has earned itself another scoop by revealing performance figures for an as yet unannounced device from Acer, known only as the V350.

While details about the handset remain relatively sketchy, it is known that it will sport a 4+ inch display with a 720p HD resolution.

The V350 will also have a multi-core 1.5GHz processor, which uses the same architecture as the Samsung Galaxy S3.

You can probably expect to see the V350 appear during CES 2013 next month, along with another rumoured device from Acer, known as the V360.

This appeared in leaks last week and will apparently have a 4.5 inch screen with a sub-HD 950×540 resolution, as well as a dual core processor with a 1GHz clock speed.

In spite of the numeric naming scheme suggesting otherwise, it looks like the V350 will be more powerful than the V360.

We are only a few days away from CES 2013, so you can expect to learn much more about all these new devices in January.

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