High speed smartphone camera developed by Sony

Sony Xperia XRSony has long been known for making smartphones with class-leading photography capabilities, so it is no surprise to see it announce another innovation in this area.

The Japanese firm revealed it has created a sensor designed for mobile devices which is capable of recording footage at 1000 frames per second, making it possible to shoot full HD video for slow motion playback with unrivalled quality and clarity.

The addition of extra RAM to the sensor’s makeup means that it can operate far quicker than equivalent units already on the market. So footage should look better no matter the number of frames that are being captured.

By comparison, the maximum 240fps capture capabilities of Apple’s iPhone range looks a little long in the tooth, especially considering that users are restricted to recording at 720p resolutions when they use this setting.

Whether or not this technology will end up on Sony’s flagship mobiles this year is unclear, although with MWC 2017 just a few weeks away it will not be long before more information is made available and the next generation of smartphone cameras is unleashed on a wider audience of photography and video fans.