Home button removal rumoured for iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5The home button has been a defining feature of the Apple iPhone since it launched in 2007, but now it looks like for the next generation of this seminal smartphone, it will be replaced altogether.

In place of a physical key which rouses the device from standby and returns you to the main menu, Apple is reportedly looking to dedicate these features entirely to the touchscreen interface via multitouch gesture sensitivity.

Rumour site BGR has quoted a source as stating that both the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 will have their specs revised, so that the home button is no longer required, as long as ongoing testing proves to be fruitful.

Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, had originally envisioned a mobile handset without any physical buttons and the death of the home button will bring that dream one step closer.

The down side is that users will have to learn a new set of gestures in order to interact with the iPhone 5, although, hopefully, Apple will allow custom gestures to be programmed in, resulting in a greater degree of personalisation on what has traditionally been a fairly locked-down platform with limited end-user malleability.

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