Hopes of bigger screen for iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

Apple could be boosting the display size on the inbound iPhone 5S, with the latest rumours reported by Bloomberg stating that it will hit 4.3 inches across the diagonal.

This is a little larger than the four inch display on the iPhone 5 and significantly bigger than the 3.5 inch panels that adorned all of its predecessors.

Prior to this news, it was widely assumed that the iPhone 5S would be only an incremental update, with no change to the screen size. Some insiders suggested that the resolution would be improved, although there are still lots of questions that need to be answered.

A bigger screen would presumably mean that Apple will need to increase the length of the iPhone 5S, unless it has an extremely small bezel around the outside.

This week reports relating to the promise of an NFC chip and finger print scanner for the iPhone 5S also resurfaced, while insiders claimed that the iPhone 6, which is likely to touch down next year, will use a chassis that benefits from Liquid Metal technology Apple acquired recently.

Display size changes and new tech additions have led some to claim that the iPhone 5S has been delayed until the end of 2013, but a September launch still sounds plausible.

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