HP smartphones still on the cards

HP Smartphone

Some will be surprised to hear that computer manufacturer, HP, is trying to get back into the smartphone game, despite the fact that its most recent attempts at success in this market wound up backfiring quite badly.

Chief exec, Meg Whitman, told Fox Business News that HP is working on a smartphone, admitting that this is because modern mobiles have become the equivalent of laptop and desktop computers.

She points out that since HP is a computer company, it needs to follow the flow of the market and make sure that it can sustain itself in the long term, which apparently, can only be achieved with a new smartphone range.

HP had little luck turning around ailing smartphone firm, Palm, despite the fact that its WebOS platform received critical praise. It got knocked back further after its TouchPad tablet, also based on WebOS, failed to find an audience last year.

Whitman did not mention any specific mobile operating systems that HP could use for its new smartphones, although she did make clear that the company would not be looking to acquire yet another troubled manufacturer – in this case, BlackBerry maker RIM, which is teetering on the edge because of the competitive nature of the market.

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