HTC and Facebook partnering on branded smartphones

Facebook and HTC?

Taiwanese mobile manufacturer HTC is set to release handsets with branding from Facebook, the world’s largest social network.

At Mobile World Congress next month, a pair of HTC handsets ingrained with the Facebook logo and presumably loaded with integrated features, are being unveiled to the waiting media, according to reports from CityAM.

The smartphones will allegedly be targeted at the top end of the market, which is no surprise given HTC’s track record for handsets with high specs. They will also be finished in Facebook-style colours, whatever that might entail.

It is thought that the handsets will run Android, although HTC will have got right under its skin to make some serious modifications and allow full Facebook functionality.

This could involve clear homescreen notifications for all Facebook-related activities and the likelihood that the social networking site will easily integrate its contacts into each phone’s address book system.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 has fairly deep Facebook integration, but HTC is likely to take this a step further still and it will be interesting to see whether these handsets actually find a market, given that any mobile worth its salt is able to access at least the mobile version of the Facebook site.

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