HTC announces new super-secure smartphone

HTC Exodus
HTC Exodus

On the 22nd of October the official launch event for the HTC Exodus will take place, ushering in a new era of security and flexibility thanks to the fact that it is built to cope with cryptocurrencies.

The rise of Bitcoin has helped make cryptocurrencies a mainstream concern, but the trouble many investors face comes when they want to store and transport their valuable digital wallets effectively.

The Exodus seeks to solve this by being fully tapped into the blockchain; the technology that underpins Bitcoin and its contemporaries. This will mean that it can store cryptocurrencies offline, according to Pocket Now.

HTC is anticipating that the pricing of the phone will be equivalent to around £600, which means it will be towards the upper end of the market in terms of raw cost. At the moment little is known about its specifications, but this should all change once the launch has taken place.

While it has not been in the limelight for some time, HTC could return to the forefront of the market with the Exodus, so long as there is sufficient interest in its blockchain capabilities and promise of top tier security amongst consumers.

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