HTC First and Facebook Home revealed

htc first
HTC First

Facebook is about to become a lot more integrated with Android courtesy of its new homescreen widget and the HTC First handset that will feature it before any other device.

Both new products were revealed at a launch event last week and there is probably going to be a bit of head-scratching amongst users, as they try to work out the purpose of each.

The HTC First is likely to be priced at a surprisingly affordable  100, when it lands in the UK this summer, with network provider, EE, snapping up exclusive access to the phone in the short term.

It features a 4.3 inch display, a dual core processor and comes in a quartet of different colours, giving it that youth appeal.

Facebook Home, on the other hand, sits somewhere between an application and a full smartphone operating system, if such a scale exists.

It basically hijacks your Android phone’s homescreen, giving you access to the Facebook experience, without the need to even unlock your device.

Mark Zuckerberg revealed that Facebook Home will be downloadable for all Android phones via Google Play, so it is not exclusive to the HTC First. It may also feature ads in the future, which might put off some users.

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