HTC First gets major price drop

htc first
HTC First

The HTC First was unveiled last month and made headlines because it was set to be the flagship phone introducing the Facebook Home interface.

However, it seems that the deep social networking integration has not been all that attractive to consumers across the pond, since US network providers are now dropping the cost of the device to almost nothing for those who are willing to commit to a 24 month contract.

The handset itself is equipped with middle of the road hardware and runs Android Jelly Bean, although the Facebook Home interface is of course the main selling point.

A spokesperson for network provider, AT&T, said that customers were giving the HTC First the cold shoulder not just because of its Facebook ties, but as a result of the range of far more appealing devices that are on sale at the moment, including HTC‘s own flagship device, the One.

Various people expressed concerns over privacy when the First was launched, since it offers far more personal information from Facebook on the lock and homescreen, than most other smartphones.

In reality, the First is probably just going to be a device that tests the water for Facebook, letting it work out whether it should enter the mobile market with greater vigour in the future.

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