HTC First Stumbles Towards UK Release

htc first
HTC First

A combination of factors means that the recently announced HTC First has had its UK release delayed and could end up never making it to our shores, according to TechRadar. The First was launched to much media coverage last month, thanks to its use of the Facebook Home user interface, with Mark Zuckerberg personally involving himself in its announcement.

However, after being made available in the US, it has been a bit of a bomb, with sales barely registering.
Because of a lack of public interest, it seems that Facebook has decided to curtain its international release. For the time being, this means that it is merely delayed, although an outright cancellation of its UK launch might well be initiated, according to some insiders. Part of the problem with the HTC First is that the Facebook-oriented interface is not something that consumers seem interested in using.

There are already plenty of social networking apps and built-in Facebook features available on most standard Android handsets, so getting one which specialises in this is not seen as necessary. Recent stats also show that Facebook is actually losing users from the younger end of the spectrum, as teens ditch the site in favour of online hangouts not frequented by older users.

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