HTC Flyer priced at £600 in UK

HTC Flyer

The HTC Flyer tablet/smartphone hybrid is arriving in the UK at an alleged price point of £600, making it quite an expensive proposition for anyone to consider.

This amount has been slapped on it by retailer The Carphone Warehouse and some are sceptical about whether or not the specs of the HTC Flyer can justify the high initial costs.

It is a seven inch tablet based on Android 3.0, so it is a few inches smaller than the iPad 2 and has a single core processor, which will definitely be less nippy than the dual core unit housed within Apple’s product.

The HTC Flyer is expected to be available in the UK at the start of next month and the £600 tag is only being applied to the range-topping model, which features 3G networking. A budget Wi-Fi only alternative will also be on offer for those who do not have as much cash to splash out on their tablet purchase.

Whether HTC will be able to take its mastery of the mobile market and apply it to the brewing tablet wars remains to be seen, but expanding Android availability in this sector is no bad thing.

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