HTC Hima launch rumoured

Image via teletimsinternational.comHTC is getting ready to reveal its latest flagship smartphone to the world next year, with rumours from UpLeaks suggesting that it will not arrive during one of the major conferences in the spring, but will, instead, benefit from its own release event in March.

It is also thought that the device will be known as the Hima, shirking the recent trend established by the One and One M8. So the HTC Hima might be a clean break for the Taiwanese manufacturer, giving it a new brand with which to do battle against the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2015.

On a technical level little is known about the Hima, but it is expected to sport a QHD screen and run Android 5.0. A metal chassis and premium finish are also on the cards, which is all the more important, given that now Samsung is thought to be focusing on the aesthetic side of things for its next flagship handset.

2015 will be an interesting year for smartphones, since some of the big players have seen sales slump in 2014 and are revising their strategies for the New Year. The CES and MWC conferences will reveal more about the impending line-up.

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