HTC M4 is affordable alternative to firm's flagship phone

htc m4

HTC is hoping to put the wind up Samsung with the range-topping One handset in 2013, although rumours of a cheaper alternative are also doing the rounds this week, suggesting that the battle will be fought on multiple fronts.

The HTC M4 is apparently in development, with the idea being that it will be able to take on the inevitable launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, according to DigiTimes.

Like the HTC One, the M4 will have a metallic chassis, giving it a real premium finish. It is expected to launch in June and HTC is allegedly producing just 70,000 units at first, to test the market and see whether demand will live up to expectations.

At the moment, there is no other information on the HTC M4, other than its metallic chassis, so it is difficult to gauge what type of processing hardware will be housed within it.

Since it is set to cost less than the HTC One, it is reasonable to predict that it will have a smaller display with a lower resolution, as well as perhaps a dual core processor, rather than a quad core chip.

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