HTC may ape the iPhone 6 with new budget handset

htc a9
HTC A9? Image via

Most people believe the iPhone 6 is one of the best looking smartphones on the planet, with many of Apple’s earlier devices being mimicked by the design traits of mobiles from rival manufacturers. And now the latest leaks suggest that a new model from HTC will come closer than most to echoing the look and feel of the Californian firm’s flagship.

Images published on Pocket Now show a handset thought to be known as the HTC Aero or HTC A9 held directly alongside the iPhone 6. And similar to Apple’s handset, it is set to feature a metal body with rounded corners and edges as well as two distinctive strips of plastic at the top and bottom of the rear surface.

Sources state that this new HTC device will be cheaper than the One M9, potentially targeting the middle of the market rather than attempting to compete directly with the iPhone 6. It also seems to be significantly larger than Apple’s phone, suggesting that it will have a display measuring at least five inches across the diagonal.

Such blatant similarities between this upcoming HTC handset and Apple’s market leader may be problematic in the long run, but fans of Android who like the look of the iPhone 6 will certainly be pleased with what they see.