HTC officially announces One E9+

HTC One E9+
The HTC One E9+

HTC is set to launch its first QHD smartphone in the form of the One E9+, which appeared on the company’s Chinese site this weekend. Or at least this is what a certain portion of the spec sheet appears to suggest, despite the very same listing also indicating that it sports a 1080p full HD display.

Engadget reports that there is some confusion as to precisely what type of screen resolution the One E9+ will feature. The only consistent aspect of the product listing is that the display will measure 5.5 inches across the diagonal, putting it in the same league as the iPhone 6 Plus and making it marginally smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4.

An octa-core processor, 2GB of RAM and a modest 16GB of storage space will also be on offer. If this is insufficient memory for users then a micro SD memory card can be added to bring the total up to 128GB at the upper limit.

The One E9+ should debut in the coming weeks, at which point HTC will no doubt have corrected any ambiguity with regard to the resolution of the display, which may be its biggest selling point.

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